Octo Presentation

Event Title – Octo/IBM and Skaion Share Tales from Test and Evaluation Cyber Ranges and an Introduction of IBM Federal’s New CTO Shop

Date: Thursday, 18 January 2024, 1300-1500 hours EDT
All 2024 Cyber Talks will start promptly at 1300!

Mr. Jason Minto, Octo – Principal Technical Director
Mr. Eric Renouf, Skaion Corporation – Sr. Researcher

Event Description

Octo, an IBM Company, and Skaion will share stories from operating a cyber range. It will detail technologies, tools, and practices everyone can use in their labs. Octo will run through some details from a recent exercise and Skaion will review how different end-user simulations may exercise different capabilities. For some added color, Octo will also talk a little bit about oLabs and the new CTO shop that IBM Federal Consulting is setting up in 2024.

Who Should Attend?
This event is open to the public for those who are eager to enhance the effectiveness of the Department of the Army Defense Cyber Operations (DCO) cyberspace and cybersecurity infrastructure through critical research, experiments, development, testing, and the development of innovative technologies. US Government (military and civilian), contractors, SOSSEC members and non-members are encouraged and welcome to attend to learn more about successful technology collaboration from these Cyber Talk briefings. The recommended audience is program managers, development teams; engineers, architects; security managers; security specialists; system administrators; and analysts who work in DoD cyberspace.

About The Consortium
The purpose of the Army’s Cyber Operations Broad Responsive Agreement (COBRA) is to spur innovative development, demonstration, and expedited delivery of prototypes for Warfighter readiness. When awarded an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) there is a requirement to join the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), the consortium manager for Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). For more information on joining the consortium, please go to www.sossecinc.com.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the restrictions on group gatherings imposed by the COVID-19 conditions, this Cyber Talk will be executed virtually. To participate, please use the Zoom for Government link listed above or follow this link: https://www.zoomgov.com/j/1602151263?pwd=bCtSdUd1dWVIR25sdHFMWUMvSEp1QT09

Any questions about the event or joining the consortium can be directed to Ed Aguirre of SOSSEC, Inc. at eaguirre@sossecinc.com.