Cyber Talk Panel Discussion with Western Digital

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Event Title
Deploying Multi-mission Workloads at Scale in the Tactical Battlefield Panel Discussion!

Moderator – Jason Strauderman, Senior Director of Sales Data Center and Federal, Western Digital
Panel Member – Mark Pastor, Director, Platform Product Management, Western Digital
Panel Member – Vimesh Patel,
Chief Technology Advisor, World Wide Technology
Panel Member – Matthew Miller,
Chief Architect, North American Ecosystem Team, Red Hat
Panel Member – Brad Sollar, Chief Technology Officer, Mainsail Industries

Event Description
Please join this cutting-edge panel session comprised of thought leaders from Western Digital (WD), World Wide Technologies (WWT), Red Hat, and Mainsail Industries to share their insights on next-generation technologies which dramatically change the speed, security, reliability, and scale at the tactical edge.

Edge computing gives our warfighters access to innovative and secure solutions at the tactical edge – whether on land, in the air, or at sea. Military overmatch today depends on the ability to prevail on the digital battlefield. It allows processing and computing to happen far beyond the IT enterprise—on the edge device itself and the front lines of every mission. WWT will discuss use cases and how their unified cyber platform integrates a complete solution to address instant-on capabilities which instantiate and deliver reliable services at the Edge. Red Hat will discuss how edge computing extends the open hybrid cloud to the data sources and end-users. They will discuss an edge strategy that delivers insights and experiences at the moment they’re needed. WD will present customer use cases and how bare metal edge platforms address Durability, Size, Weight, and Power characteristics at the edge. Mainsail will wrap up the panel session by discussing use cases and how to deploy highly secure stacks to enable multi-mission capabilities at the Edge.  The panel will then discuss market trends needed to support the DoD cyber workforce and take questions from the audience.

About The Consortium
The purpose of the Army’s Cyber Operations Broad Responsive Agreement (COBRA) is to spur innovative development, demonstration, and expedited delivery of prototypes for Warfighter readiness. When awarded an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) there is a requirement to join the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), the consortium manager for Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). For more information on joining the consortium, please go to

Who Should Attend?
This event is open to the public for those who are eager to enhance the effectiveness of the Department of the Army Defense Cyber Operations (DCO) cyberspace and cybersecurity infrastructure through critical research, experiments, development, testing, and the development of innovative technologies. US Government (military and civilian), contractors, SOSSEC members and non-members are encouraged and welcome to attend to learn more about successful technology collaboration from these Cyber Talk briefings. The recommended audience is for: program managers, development teams; engineers, architects; security managers; security specialists; system administrators; and analysts who work in DoD cyberspace.

COVID-19 Restrictions
Due to the restrictions on group gatherings imposed by the COVID-19 conditions, this Cyber Talk will be executed virtually. To participate, please use the Zoom for Government link listed above or follow this link:

Any questions about the event or joining the consortium can be directed to Ed Aguirre of SOSSEC, Inc. at