PCI 2.0 Overview

SOSSEC, Inc. is pleased to announce that it was awarded the PCI 2.0 OTA, which will provide the SOSSEC Consortium members with increased opportunities in the technological areas identified below. This OTA supports USAF, Army, and Navy prototyping requirements. The PCI 2.0 OTA is a five-year (two-year base, three-year option) OTA with a $95M base-period ceiling. SOSSEC Consortium members will perform critical research, development, test, and evaluation within prototyping projects addressing propulsion needs and the future of the propulsion enterprise under the PCI 2.0 OTA.

The scope of propulsion prototyping projects within the consortium might include any topic generally consistent with the RDT&E of propulsion systems. Mission areas of the PCI 2.0 OTA include, but are not limited to: digital engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), engine health monitoring, manufacturing base, small engines, aircraft platforms, systems, components, or materials, and any integration therein. Additionally, prototyping projects could include platform electrical power systems (EPS) and thermal management systems as well as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), platform-specific and common architecture studies, along with component/systems qualification and integration efforts for smart power management, higher density/higher capacity common generators, common aircraft lithium-ion batteries, flightworthy auxiliary or supplement power units, and upgraded conversion electronics.

For more information on SOSSEC, Inc. and its OTAs, please visit www.sossecinc.com.