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Project Title:  Multinet
Announcement Number SCEC-24-0005
Announcement Type Request for Project Proposal (RFPP)
Federal Agency Name ACC-APG Division A
Entity Name SOSSEC, Inc. and the Sensors, Communications and Electronics Consortium (SCEC)
Release Date 28 March 2024
Closing Date/Time 26 April 2024 @ 3:00 PM EST
Page Count The Volume 1 of the proposal submitted in response to this RFPP should be no more than 25 pages in length.
Individual Awards A single award is anticipated under this announcement. The Government reserves the right to select all, part, or none of the proposals received, subject to the availability of funds. All potential Offerors should be aware that due to unanticipated budget fluctuations, funding in any or all areas may change with little or no notice.
Instrument Type Firm-Fixed-Price. Milestone Payment Method will contain a payable milestone schedule with amounts to be adjusted based on generated information from financial or cost records. Funding arrangements are at the discretion of the Government.
Anticipated Value (These dollar figures include the SOSSEC OT-Lead Fee applied to Price) Total funding for this project is $24,000,000, for both Base and Option 1 efforts. The Government reserves the right to make awards up to any dollar value.
Period of Performance Base period – 18 months, Option period – 18 months
Questions All questions should be sent to the contacts listed below:

All questions and Prototype Proposals submissions must be submitted in accordance with instructions in Section 1.0 Special Notices in the RFPP announcement – NLT 12 April 2024.

  • Attachment No. 1 – Multinet Statement of Objectives (SOO) (Unclassified)
  • Attachment No. 2a – DD254
  • Attachment No. 2b – DD254 SCI Addendum
  • Attachment No. 3 – CDRL Form
  • Attachment No. 4 CUI Multinet SOO paragraphs (See 1.0 – Special Notices in RFPP Announcement)
  • SCEC Data Rights
  • Data Rights Assertion
  • SCEC Flow-down Articles
  • Cost Proposal Template
  • Invoicing and Status Report Instructions
  • Member Questions Template
  • OTA Milestone Delivery Payment Schedule Template
  • SCEC Project Proposal Cover Sheet
  • Telecommunications Reps and Certs
  • SOSSEC Representations and Certifications
  • SOSSEC Proposal Conditions and Assumptions
  • Introduction to PreVeil
It is the responsibility of the submitting party to confirm receipt of submissions by SOSSEC, Inc., Emails must reference the Project Announcement Number and Project Title of the OTA Project. In order to submit a proposal for this announcement, you must be a member of the SCE Consortium in good standing.