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1 Project Title Agile Neuron
2 Project Announcement Number RIK-OTAFI-23-9015
3 Announcement Type Request for Project Proposal (RFPP)
4 Federal Agency Name Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate (AFRL/RI)
5 Entity Name SOSSEC, Inc.
6 Release Date 12 May 2023
7 Closing Date/Time 30 May 2023 @ 2 PM ET
8 Anticipated Awards Single award is anticipated.  However, the Government reserves the right to make multiple awards if it is in the Government’s best interests.
9 Instrument Type Firm Fixed Price Project Level Agreement
10 Anticipated Value Approx. $891,408
11 Period of Performance 24 Months
12 Questions and Submissions All questions and submissions must be directed to all SOSSEC personnel:

Joshua Paine, Tim Ceteras, John Nunziato

13 Supporting Documents (SOSSEC attachments)



  • Proposal Template
  • SF 424
  • Security Program Questionnaire
  • OTAFI Supplemental Information
  • OTAFI Flow-Down Articles
  • Milestone Delivery Payment Schedule
  • AFRL OTA Cost Proposal Format
  • Payment Instructions
  • SOSSEC OTA Proposal Instructions
  • Prototype Project Completion Survey
  • SOSSEC Warranties and Representation
14 Questions must be submitted to the SOSSEC, Inc. personnel identified in block 12 above no later than; Thursday, 18 May 2023. Questions revived after this date may not receive a response in time to impact your Proposal.