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Project Manager Defensive Cyber Operations (PM DCO) in collaboration with SOSSEC, Inc. is seeking solutions for commercial technologies to foster technological innovation relevant to the capability gap identified in this announcement. In this context, innovative means any new technology, process, or business practice, or any new application of an existing technology, process, or business practice that enhances mission effectiveness for PM DCO.

This Announcement is considered a competitive process and includes multiple phases for selection. Potential prototype projects will be directly relevant to enhancing the effectiveness of the PM DCO and Army Cyber Mission Forces. This announcement may result in the award of a prototype project or projects as a result of this multi-phased competitive process. Please note the dates listed in this Announcement are tentative dates and may be subject to change based on actual progress made through each phase of selection.

This project will follow an aggressive timeline.

Interested SOSSEC Consortium Members must submit their “Scout Card(s)” in VULCAN before the Close Date; January 31, 2022.

The instructions for Scout Card preparation and submission and the URL for VULCAN are contained within the project announcement attachment.