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Project Title Man-Portable Electronically-Scanned Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Antenna
Project Announcement Number ACI-OTA-22-0001
Announcement Type Request for Project Proposal (RFPP)
AFLCMC ORGANIZATION NAME AFLCMC/HBAA, Air Traffic Control and Landing Program Office
Entity Name SOSSEC, Inc.
Release Date 26 May 2022
Closing Date/Time 24 June 2022 @10:00am, ET
Individual Awards A single award is anticipated under this announcement. The Government reserves the right to select all, part, or none of the proposals received, subject to the availability of funds. All potential Offerors should be aware that due to unanticipated budget fluctuations, funding in any or all areas may change with little or no notice.
Instrument Type Firm-Fixed-Price Project Level Agreement
Anticipated Value The estimated value of this prototype project is $5.15M
Period of Performance Period of performance is estimated to be a total of 29 months from project award.
Questions and Submissions All questions, project proposals submissions and verification of receipt of proposal submittals must be made electronically to all of the following SOSSEC, Inc., POCs (NOTE:  All email correspondence MUST include the above Announcement Number and Project Title):

·     Linda Sasser (

·     Jeff Carstairs (

·     Alex McWade (

·     Maureen Levesque (

SOSSEC Telephone: (603) 458-5529

·     Questions in writing via email must be sent to the above SOSSEC, Inc. POCs only no later than 9 June 2022 at 3PM, ET, to ensure timely responses

Attachments ·        Attachment 1 – Cost Proposal Format**

·        Attachment 2 – Project Proposal Prep Instructions

·        Attachment 3 – Technical Proposal Template*

·        Attachment 4 – ACI OTA Flow Down Articles

·        Attachment 5 – ADRL A009 – Technical Data Packages (TDP)

·        Attachment 6 – ADRL A010 – Technical Orders (TOs)

·        Attachment 7 – ADRL A012 – Item Unique Identification (IUID)

·        Attachment 8 – Prototype Project Completion Survey

·        Attachment 9 – Milestone Delivery Payment Schedule Format**

·        Attachment 10 – Approved Definition of Hardware and Travel Costs for SOSSEC Fee Allocation

·        Attachment 11 – SOSSEC Warranties and Representations**

·        Attachment 12 – List of Referenced Documents


*This completed document must be included with your proposal submission. See proposal format details in Paragraph IV below (i.e., page count, etc.).


** These completed documents must be included with your proposal submission and are not included in the page count identified in Paragraph IV below.


It is the responsibility of the submitting party to confirm receipt of submissions by SOSSEC, Inc.