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**DO NOT PROVIDE A RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.  IT IS FOR SITUATIONAL AWARENESS ONLY OF POTENTIAL WHITE PAPERS THAT MAY BE RELEASED UNDER THE OTAFI OTA**   The Government anticipates the potential for release of white papers only. There is no further information available at this time.  If the Government decides to proceed with White Papers, SOSSEC, Inc. will release a full Announcement to all SOSSEC Consortium Members.

ANNOUNCEMENT TYPE:  Advanced Notification of potential White Papers


POTENTIAL PROJECT TITLENASIC Enterprise Algorithm Registry


DESCRIPTION: The Government seeks proposals for a cloud-native repository of algorithms ranging from simple data transformation scripts to deep learning models. The repository needs to deliver explainability and transparency as well as streamline the process of selecting the best tool for the task with respect to processing data assets by providing the uses and outcomes of each algorithm, what data assets the algorithm works against, what the components are constructed of (which programs or applications, programming languages, modules or libraries) and how the algorithm or model was trained and/or validated or how performance is otherwise judged. The primary use case of the registry will be to enable a workflow system to chain algorithms and automate a processing pipeline in an event-driven architecture.


DO NOT CONTACT THE GOVERNMENT CUSTOMER DIRECTLY.  All communication must go through SOSSEC, Inc., from this point.