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Announcement Type: Advanced notification of potential RFPP Project Announcement for AFRL OTAFI OTA

Project Number:  TBD

Potential Project Title: 5G Prototype

Closing Date/Time: TBD

**DO NOT PROVIDE A RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. IT IS FOR SITUATIONAL AWARENESS ONLY OF A POTENTIAL PROTOTYPE PROJECT THAT MAY BE RELEASED UNDER THE OTAFI OTA**  The Government anticipates the potential for release of a Request for Project Proposal (RFPP) Project Announcement within the next couple weeks. There is no further information available at this time. If the Government decides to proceed with this project, SOSSEC, Inc. will release a full Project Announcement to all SOSSEC Consortium members.

DESCRIPTION: The development of prototype(s) which leverage various 5G-enabling technologies to enable spectrum sharing in airborne Internet-of-Things (IoT) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) networks. The Government seeks proposals for establishing a set of core spectrum sharing solutions aimed at increasing the survivability, effectiveness, and efficiency of various spectrum enabled and dependent systems utilized by the US Air Force. The solutions should range from technology pilots, analyses and assessments, to initial operational capabilities within the agency. The solutions should leverage 5G-enabling technologies and innovative complementary technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize system performance. The solutions should address spectrum sharing in airborne Internet of Things (IoT) networks (e.g., UAV networks) to allow for effective military C4ISR operations as well as continuity of operations for mission critical C4ISR solutions. The solutions should support early achievement of initial operational capabilities and be scalable to support an expanding user community. 5G offers a portfolio of technologies, many of which have tremendous potential to advance Air Force capabilities if leveraged appropriately.

This effort will also execute a series of integration events for US Military systems.

GOVERNMENT CUSTOMER: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).  DO NOT CONTACT THE GOVERNMENT CUSTOMER DIRECTLY. Since this prototype project will be competed amongst all SOSSEC Consortium Members, all communication must go through SOSSEC, Inc., from this point.