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CYBER TALK with GuidePoint Security

On June 3, 2021, 1300 hoursthe PM for Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) and SOSSEC Inc. hosted a Virtual CYBER TALK via WebEx. The subject of the CYBER TALK is to provide an informational briefing with GuidePoint Security. The event was titled: How To Revisit And Continue The Zero Trust Journey Post COVID-19. GuidePoint’s presentation is available here.

Representatives of the SOSSEC Consortium and all interested Industry vendors were offered the opportunity to receive the briefings virtually via participation in a WebEx.

The briefing slides are provided (on the members’ side and public side) for your information.

The PM for Defensive Cyber Operations and SOSSEC Inc. thank you for your participation in this event and request your continued support for CYBER TALKS being scheduled. The next Cyber Talk is with Carahsoft and NVIDIA – How Parallelized Compute Fuels
Artificial Intelligence on June 17 at 1300.  Announcements will be provided on the SOSSEC Website for future CYBER TALK subjects and dates.

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